Will We Do Non-Warranty Work?

Have a piece of electronics that’s past its warranty but don’t want to part with it? Most of the time, electronic devices break down well after their warranty date. At that point, you have to make a choice whether to buy a new one or get yours repaired. We will be more than happy to […]

Not All Warranties Are Alike

Manufacturer warranties are not all the same. On average, you can expect one year’s coverage on parts and labor. However, some manufacturers provide only 90-days, parts and labor. To find out what your warranty is, call the manufacturer for the item you need repaired. Make sure you have the model number, serial number and date […]

What Do Extended Warranties Usually Cover?

Extended warranties are designed to pick up warranty repair when the manufacturer’s warranty ends. These extended warranties are usually provided by the store where you bought the device. The contact information for the extended warranty provider should be on the receipt or given to you at point of purchase. It is your responsibility to contact […]