How to deal with an oven that’s not working

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How to deal with an oven that’s not working

How to deal with an oven that’s not working

Nothing’s worse than preparing a dinner and not having it cook properly because something’s wrong with your oven. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why ovens malfunction and also provide you with a few solutions as to what you can do and how you can avoid them. Let’s jump right in!

User error

The most common reason an oven fails or malfunctions is usually because of something the owner did unintentionally. Things like not giving your oven enough time to preheat, opening and closing the oven door too much during cook time can actually make the oven work overtime to do its job – which just creates more wear and tear over time. 

Another big issue is not using the right cookware. There are several kinds that cook things differently so make sure you’re using the right thing. It’s not to say your food will be spoiled – but again – any unnecessary work you make your oven do can and will add up over time. 

Calibration issues

Believe it or not – ovens occasionally need to be recalibrated. Most of the time the factory will do this in advance of it even hitting the market, but from time to time it can get off kilter, meaning you’ll have to either A) figure out how to do it yourself or B.) and much recommended – call a pro to help do it for you. 

Element failure

Ovens are like any other appliance and sometimes something in the oven just won’t work. Be on the lookout for things like uneven heating, blistering, breakage or an uneven red glow in your coils. If there’s a defective element – you won’t be able to repair it – it’ll have to be replaced.

Some common issues include igniter failure, blown thermal fuses, broken temperature sensor,  convection fan motor failure and the like. Just keep an eye out and if you’re noticing any of the above symptoms – call a professional to come and help you out. 

Hopefully you found this blog helpful. If you’re experiencing issues with your oven, give us a call today and our professionals will be here to help or at the very least – give you some guidance as to what you should do. Until then – good luck!

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