Should you get your appliance fixed or purchase a new one?

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Should you get your appliance fixed or purchase a new one?

Should you get your appliance fixed or purchase a new one?

A big part of the reason we’re in business is because we want our clients to save money. And every day – people are faced with questions as to the best way to maximize their money. Should you grab that Starbucks coffee? Eat out? Dine in? And frankly – appliances are no different. 

And appliances can be a little more complex. They essentially blend into the background of our homes – something that’s such an afterthought that it’s not until they’re broken that we realize how important they are to our day to day lives. With that being said – we will come to a point in our lives as home owners where we’re faced with the always infamous ‘do I fix it or get a new one’ question. 

Today, we’ll talk about some things for you to consider in hopes that yes, you can save some money and do the best thing for you and your situation. Let’s jump right in!

Size and price

Grappling with the size, importance and investment of an appliance is the first thing you should consider. Think of it this way – if you had a hole in your wall – you wouldn’t hesitate to get it fixed. You’d hire a handyman, get a quote and get it fixed. 

Same thing with your appliances. Hire a pro. Have them come look at it. Appliances aren’t cheap and they take up a lot of space. The cost alone of replacing them, plus removing your old appliance and the like – could break the bank for you – so if you can- maybe you can get your appliance fixed. 


Way too many people purchase new appliances simply because theirs are old and they think it’s just time for an upgrade when, well… it’s not. The type of the appliance, the quality of the make and model, how you’ve maintained it over the years and then the general wear and tear on the appliance are all factors to consider. 

Simply put – some of the older appliances are made far better and in many cases – can be cheaper to fix than replace altogether. Other times, it’s simply just time to say goodbye. Either way – hire a pro; make sure you’ve got your maintenance records and any documentation handy and it should be fairly straightforward to get the recommendation you’re looking for. 

And for those in-between

Once you head down the road of purchasing a new appliance it’s not something that can necessarily be undone. SO – while you’re mulling what you want to do; or more precisely figuring out what you CAN and SHOULD do – you can still schedule repairs, not pay an arm and a leg and at least buy yourself the time you need to figure out what to do or get you to the next step. It’s not always the most ideal path to travel – but oftentimes is the most effective. 

If you’re looking to get your appliances fixed or need guidance on what you should be doing, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!

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