Signs your microwave might be in need of repairs

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Signs your microwave might be in need of repairs

Signs your microwave might be in need of repairs

The microwave is a staple in the modern kitchen and has completely revolutionized the way we prepare and heat food. However, just like any appliance – you’ll notice issues from time to time. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the signs that indicate your microwave might be in need of repairs. Let’s jump right in!

Uneven heating

Microwaves are designed to heat food evenly and throughout. But if you begin to notice that there’s hot and cold spots on your food, it may be a sign that something is amiss. Usually, this is due to things like a faulty turntable, magnetron or a damaged waveguide cover. 

Sparks and arcing

Sparks and arcing are a definite red flag that something is wrong with your microwave and should be addressed immediately. Occasionally, people will accidentally toss a metal utensil or tin foil in their microwave which can cause sparking but if you’re noticing sparks and arcing without human error, call a pro immediately. Especially given the potential for a safety hazard, it should be addressed as soon as possible. 

Display errors and error codes

Most modern microwaves come pre-programmed with displays and digital error codes that can help users and appliance repair pros diagnose issues. If you’re beginning to see frequent display errors, you’ll want to consult your user manual. From there, you’ll know whether it can be something that you can fix or something that you’ll need to call a repair professional for. 

Excessive condensation

Condensation is a fairly normal and regular occurrence in microwaves – especially when it comes to heating up certain kinds of food. However if you begin to notice an excess of condensation it could be the result of poor ventilation – whether that’s in the form of a faulty exhaust fan or ventilation system. Either way – excess moisture can result in mold, so you should have this addressed as soon as you can to prevent further damage from occurring. 

If your microwave needs repair then give our Tampa appliance repair company a call today and we can immediately diagnose and fix your problem. Until then – good luck!

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