Taking care of your appliances: How to stay safe

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Taking care of your appliances: How to stay safe

Taking care of your appliances: How to stay safe

Homeowners everywhere depend on their appliances for a number of things – whether it’s preparing meals or cleaning clothes. Like anything, these appliances need to be taken care of properly – and most important – owners need to be mindful of safety and using their appliances carefully. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the safety tips you can use to make sure your life is made a little bit easier when it comes to taking care of things like your fridge, dryer, garbage disposal and the like. Let’s jump right in.

Read instruction manuals

Manuals exist not only to teach you how to install and operate an appliance correctly – but also to help use it safely as well. We always tell anyone who purchases a new appliance to read the instruction manual. More often than not there will be manufacturer’s guidelines on appropriate use and safety. In addition, they’ll have maintenance tips, schedules, tables and in many cases -common issues that may arise with said appliance. Make sure you read your manuals and keep them. 

Safely plug your appliances into outlets

The worst fires are electrical not only because they can happen out of nowhere – but that they can spread with lightning speed. Instead of using power strips, we recommend that you plug appliances into the wall directly. It’s always best to use GFCI outlets if you can and try (if possible) to not have your appliances plugged into the same circuit. This will prevent breakers from tripping and any potential overload. And as always and especially in the kitchen – be wary of plugging or operating your appliances in or near water!

Check your cords

Especially when it comes to appliances that are consistently plugged into the wall and occupy an enclosed space like a fridge or oven – cords, coils and other parts of your appliance can become worn over time. Mice and other issues can also fray cords and cause potential fire hazards. Other times, simply the heat generated from these appliances can lead to overheating,melting and sometimes even fraying. Just be cognizant of your cord’s condition and check it every so often. And it goes without saying, but…

If you notice a problem, call a pro

Home appliances and fixing them can require a lot of electrical expertise – which most homeowners don’t have. And also because you’re working with electrical components – that also increases the likelihood of something bad happening as well. Just leave the tough stuff to the pros! 

Hopefully you found today’s blog helpful. If you ever find yourself needing a professional appliance repair service in the Tampa area, give us a call today. Until then – good luck!

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