The 4 key tenets of appliance ownership

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The 4 key tenets of appliance ownership

The 4 key tenets of appliance ownership

Usually we’re pretty appliance-specific on this blog. For example, we’ll zero in on dishwashers or something specific, cite a problem and tackle it. Well today, we’re going to cast a wider net and take more of a blanket approach to maintaining your appliances. Today – we’re going to talk about the four key tenets of appliance maintenance. 

What that means – is the four key things you should do no matter what appliance you have. And if you apply these rules, no matter what kind of appliance you have – the less likely you’ll be to encounter issues. Let’s jump right in!

Overloading your appliances

Most of the time, stuff gets broken because people ride their appliances too hard. For example – we’ll notice that people love to stuff their refrigerators full of food. That means it has to work harder to cool everything, the compressor gets stressed and well, the fridge breaks down. That applies to other appliances as well – air conditioners, ovens, washing machines – you name it.  

Make sure before you use any appliance that you read the manual thoroughly and determine what’s too much and do what you can to avoid that. It might take you longer to accomplish certain tasks, but being smart and planning ahead will save you from costly maintenance bills – so know your appliances’ limits and abide by those.

Clean your appliances

We can’t tell you how many appliances get broken because people just won’t clean them. Residue builds up in ovens. Coils don’t get cleaned in air conditioners. Things don’t get wiped down. Appliances are sturdier now than they ever were before, but they have their limits. Clean your appliances properly and you’ll tack on an extra 2-5 years of use easily. 

Update your appliances

Know when to pull the plug and upgrade. Look we totally get it – there are just some appliances that they don’t make ‘em like they used to. It’s not uncommon to find the odd fridge from the 70s still humming today. While that’s great, when they start to go, it might be more worth it for you to just let them go and get a replacement. While we can fix just about anything, there are limits to sanity and if you’re pro says ‘go get a new one,’ then you should probably listen to them. 

Get inspected

Seems a little silly on its face – but most appliance companies offer inspections and maintenance packages with the products they sell. Take them up on the offer. The small added expense can add years onto the lifespan of your appliances and save you lots of money in terms of repair fees and upgrade costs. 

And last but certainly not least – buy your appliances from reputable places. People who stand by their products, offer added benefits of more than ‘just selling you stuff.’ When you do that and then stick to these four key tenets, you’ll find yourself enjoying your appliances and appreciating your investment far more than if you didn’t. Good luck and of course if you encounter any issues – give us a call today!

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