Things that should never go down a garbage disposal

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Things that should never go down a garbage disposal

Things that should never go down a garbage disposal

One of the best inventions on God’s green earth is the garbage disposal. They’re great for getting rid of those bits of food and certain messes go away in the flick of a switch. Talk about convenience! 

That being said, not everything is supposed to go into the garbage disposal and trust us – as an appliance repair company – we see all sorts of things end up down there. Now some of those things are just an accident or a quick fix. But sometimes, there are a few things that can end up in your garbage disposal that can do some serious damage and cost you cash. 

Today we’re going to discuss a few of the things you should take extra care to ensure that they don’t end up in your garbage disposal – as they could do significant damage. Let’s jump right in.


This is the one we probably all know. All of our mothers have probably yelled at us at one point or another not to put grease down the drain. And she was right! Disposals exist to break down foods and liquid into small particles and then those particles will travel down a drain and into pipes. 

The problem with grease is that it can’t be broken down and builds up rather quickly. In some cases it can entirely coat and clog your pipes. So now not only do you have a disposal issue, but you’ve got a full-blown plumbing emergency. Listen to your Mom and keep the grease out of the sink!


Oh boy, bones! Anything bone-related needs to go in the trash or used in a composting pile of some sort. There’s a few reasons for this. 

First, bones cannot be broken down enough to travel through your home’s plumbing system and can get stuck in pipes. Second, they can do serious damage to your blades and even get stuck on them as opposed to getting chopped up. Third, if you have the drain open, it can be a safety risk if shrapnel from the bone flies up and out.

Trust us – you want none of these things. Throw your bones in the trash.

Coffee grounds and dirt

This one probably puzzles you a bit and on an intuitive level, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. The problem is that coffee particles can turn into sludge and cause a thick layer of sediment in your pipes. While it won’t kill you now and then – you’d be surprised at how quickly it can build up and begin to cause issues. Ditto for dirt or soil.

And pro tip – coffee grounds are a composting super ingredient, so you don’t even really have to throw them out – just repurpose them!


Pasta is one that probably isn’t high on your list but should be. The problem with pasta isn’t so much that blades can’t break them down; but rather that the overall heat and moisture found in drains will cause the pasta to naturally expand, with the leftover gunk building up slowly at the bottom of the disposal motor and eventually helping contribute to blade wear and tear. Scrape your pasts remains into the trash and never put them down a garbage disposal.

Hopefully today’s article was helpful for you. Knowing what to do and how to use your appliances can help you get years worth of usage out of them and save you a truck load of money in the process. If you have any issues with a household appliance, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then, good luck!

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