Tips for getting more out of your dryer

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Tips for getting more out of your dryer

Tips for getting more out of your dryer

As a Tampa Appliance repair company, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” is a common phrase we hear a lot in our business. Folks watch appliances break or malfunction and we get it – it can be frustrating when something so seemingly new won’t work as intended. And that holds doubly true for dryers. Within the first five years of ownership – nearly 17% of appliance owners encounter some sort of issue with their dryer.

That being said – with the right maintenance and care, dryers can last up to 25 years. Today, we’re going to share a few tips that you can use to keep your dryer working as intended and not be part of the 17% who have to call a Tampa Appliance repair company to come fix it. Let’s jump right in. 

Abide by the maintenance manual

We tell everyone that whenever you get a new appliance, make sure you take some time to read through the maintenance manual. It’s not exciting reading, but every appliance is different and knowing the ins and outs of your model will help you cut off problems before they emerge as well as be able to better anticipate any issues that may come up in the future. Prevention goes a long way!

Keep the dum and lint screen clean

At least twice a year make sure you’re vacuuming the gap between the dryers drum and the door – and then after each use – that you’re cleaning out the lint trap. Too much lint can restrict the ventilation, meaning your dryer will have to work twice as hard to produce the same result you used to get. This can lead to increased wear and a tear and therefore, more maintenance. And before you know it – you’re calling a Tampa appliance repair company. 

Be careful with the size of each load you place in your dryer

Large laundry loads can cause massive overheating, motor burn out and severe damage to your dryer. When in doubt – only wash medium sized loads – don’t try to get everything done at once. Be mindful of not putting too many sweat shirts and towels in the dyer as well. They tend to carry more water – even coming out of washers with more aggressive spin cycles – and can significantly weigh down a load of laundry. 

Be mindful of your vents

You’d be surprised at how many times we see issues with dryers end up being directly related to something with the vent. Either they didn’t set screens on the outside and an animal or something got inside. That or it’s blocked and restricts air flow. Check your vents every other month to make sure they’re in good working order, don’t have leaks and the like. 

Following these tips will significantly increase the longevity of your dryer. If you’re experiencing any issues, then give us a call today – we’re a Tampa Appliance Repair company who can help. Until then – good luck and take care of your dryer!

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