Why your dryer is taking a long time to dry your clothes

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Why your dryer is taking a long time to dry your clothes

Why your dryer is taking a long time to dry your clothes


Long drying times is an inconvenience to say the least. It can make chores last longer than you had hoped – taking time away from other things you’d rather be doing; but more concerning, it could be the sign of a deeper, underlying issue with your appliance – which is something we bet you’d rather not think about. 

But fear not. Today’s blog is going to give you some clues as to why your dryer might be taking too long to dry your clothes and what you can do to get things working back to normal. Let’s jump right in. 

Issues with power

One of the reasons your dryer may be taking too long to dry your clothes is that it’s not powered properly. Make sure your dryer is properly plugged in and that the outlet can handle 240v. That’s your standard threshold for powering a dryer. Another issue that can adversely impact the amount of power getting to your dryer is using an extension cord. In most cases where we’ve gone to homes to check in on a power issue, it’s been that the dryer is plugged into an extension cord. Your dryer should be plugged directly into the wall. 

Too many items in the dryer

Sounds simple enough, right? But you’d be surprised. Overloading is a common issue that it can take a dryer forever to dry clothes. When there’s too much in a dryer, it makes it more difficult for hot air to circulate and thus it becomes more difficult for your clothes to dry. Check your manual to find out what the capacity is for your dryer and try to stick to that. 

Clothes are too wet

Sometimes it’s not your dryer that’s the problem, particularly when it comes to excessively wet clothes. While your washer’s spin cycle should make it so that your clothes aren’t too wet to be dry, if you put in too large of a load, the water may not drain properly. This weight can cause undue stress on your dryer causing it to shut off and not complete its cycle. If this is the case, break up the load, wash it again – or dry it in smaller increments. 

Cleaning the dryer lint trap

Lint traps help snatch up small clothing fibers that tumble through your system during a load of laundry. These fibers make their way into a lint trap in order to prevent them from clogging up your dryer’s exhaust. If you don’t clean it after a few cycles however, it can severely limit airflow and lengthen the amount of time that it takes to dry your laundry. 

Clogged exhaust vent

Even if you clean your lint trap, fibers can still build up and clog your vent over time. Other times, the vent might be kinked or not positioned properly. Both of these issues restrict airflow and lengthen drying times. Make sure your vent is positioned at the correct 45 degree angle and that there aren’t any kinks or obstructions. Once you restore the proper positioning, it should make air flow more freely. 

Hopefully these tips will help solve your problem. If you’ve tried these and are still experiencing issues, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Whether you need repair or simple routine maintenance, we’ll have the answers. Good luck.

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